• Genealogy Study of Artists

    “Genealogy Study of Artists” is a research project on artist creation brought out by the preparation team of Start Museum on October 2018. This project innovatively establishes a continuous academic research platform that is based on the interrelationship between the genealogy of the artist and his/her artistic creation. The project provides a random view towards the case study of an individual artist, capturing a slice of the present status of the artist’s creation and periodic achievement, and objectively scans the historical moment of self-challenging of the artist. By relating the personal experience, the source of knowledge and the logic behind the artistic thinking, the project intends to build up a foundational research on the artist, through which an observation and discussion over the various factors that would affect the process of creation of the artist and their relationships are made possible. The project intends to research on the exhibition artworks, publications, audio and visual archives, as well as the previous archives of the artist, in order to depict the artistic production of the artist in multiple ways.

  • 没有信息是中立的

    Being Information is an on-going research exhibition project, which aims to present a unique perspective through a serious of theme-driven experimental exhibitions.

  • START开馆展
  • Screening Project
  • World Art History Since the 1960s

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